New Orleans | Summer 2010

New Orleans | Summer 2010

I am currently an Assistant Professor of English with specialization in rhetorical history and theory at West Chester University of PA. My research plies the intersections between rhetorical history, cultural rhetorics, and critical ethnic studies, as well as composition pedagogy and writing program administration.

I’ve taught lower and upper division courses in composition, rhetoric, and professional writing. I also have a  background in service learning and community engagement. You can learn more about my teaching philosophy here.

I also have experience with program administration, both in writing programs and non-profit settings. In addition, I was a founding member of WPA-GO, and recently stepped down from three years of service on the CWPA Graduate Committee. In that role, I also served on the CWPA Mentoring Project and helped to lead the launch of the Mentoring Blog, which has archived some powerful responses from leading writing studies scholars on questions of power, difference, and identity in writing program administration.

This page has been static for the past year, so thank you for your patience as I slowly update some things!


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